Cedrick Harris

The King of Closing

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Cedrick Harris grew up in an environment that most people wouldn't make it out of.

Being trained by "Salespeople" selling things that got him caught up in the wrong crowd, he met a man in black robe at a young age that changed his life forever. Knowing he couldn't continue to lead that life, he started focusing on direct sales and network marketing and started making an impact on the world.

For the past 20 years, full-time for 10, Cedrick has become one of the most sought-after network marketers in the world with a team of over 30,000 reps spanning numerous countries around the world. Known as the CEO of TTO "Team Takeover" he has a magical ability to affect people from their core which has propelled him in the industry to become a 7-figure annual earner in MLM and a top internet marketer.

Cedrick's vigor in network marketing is seen with the value he delivers to the industry every single day with generic training he provides. With one of the most watched Periscope Channels in our industry, he is definitely a powerhouse that has touched many lives around the world.

His goal in life is defined by his motto... "To Inspire Network Marketers to Connect, Close, and Collect More Checks In Their MLM."

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