Daren Martin

The Culture Architect

Dr. Daren Martin is the author of the bestselling A Company of Owners and Whiteboard. A Company of Owners has been referred to by several C Level Executives as “The best book I have read since Good to Great.” Whiteboard is the first of its kind hand drawn/hand written business book. His thought leadership and change strategies in transforming companies earned him the title The Culture Architect. His PhD in Psychology, 20 years experience running his own business, and 10 years plus consulting with Fortune 500 companies give him a unique perspective on performing at a peak level. Dr. Martin has worked for himself for the last 30 years and understands the challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur. Dr. Martin launched a podcast in 2016 called the Daren Martin Show. Combining humor, thought provoking content, and a dynamic and engaging presentation style, his transformational speaking has inspired audiences to action all over the world.

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