Diane Hochman

Renowned Social Media Marketer, Network Marketing Professional and Founder of the Home and Small Business Network

Diane Hochman is a 15-year industry veteran who began as a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to pay off over $40k in credit card debt. She made her first mark in traditional Network Marketing becoming a top producer and trainer and won trips and contests galore while bringing up her two daughters. In 2005 upon the dawn of social media Diane turned to the internet and become very well known as a top video marketer and promoter and out of that her career in training, speaking and consulting began. A sought after speaker in the areas of social media marketing, attraction marketing and branding... Diane travels around teaching skills to hungry marketers in both North America and Europe while at the same time dominating product launches all over the industry.

Diane Hochman has now founded The Home and Small Business Network, a worldwide organization committed to helping people build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Today, the Home And Small Business Network is one of the most respected sources for quality training, honest information and putting the FUN back in business fundamentals.

Having won numerous awards, trips, cash prizes, spoken on stage at major industry events and with two multi-six-figure launches under her belt... Diane has conquered all facets of running a successful home business.

Today her focus is on paying it forward to the next generation of marketers who yearn to find the freedom that Diane has found for her family.

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