From Top 1% Realtor to Top 1% Network Marketing Leader

Loren Robin has shown thousands how to find and apply their inner strength to build the life of their dreams. Like so many, she came to network marketing when she faced one of her greatest challenges—the South Florida real estate crash in 2008. Suddenly, her 26-year career as a high-end real estate broker plummeted. Loren was in the top 1% of realtors nationwide. As a single mother with her twin sons in college, her income in decline and her debts mounting, she had nothing to draw on except her own resources—which she decided to invest in reinventing herself. Attracted by the success of some of her real estate clients in MLM, Loren followed her heart, joined the industry, and quickly became a leader.  In November of 2010, Loren made history and became the first distributor in her company to hit the top of the pay plan. With her determination along with the help and support of her team leaders, she did this in just five and a half months.

Loren relocated from South Florida to San Diego in 2012 to be close to her twin sons, who are now serving in the Marine Corps. “I used to make a large commission check when I sold a property,” she recalls. “Today I receive an even larger check and I receive it every month as residual income. I am so blessed by the freedom it gives me—to be close to my kids, on the beach with an amazing view of the Pacific Coast. It's a dream come true.”

With her passion to cultivate authentic relationships, Loren holds deep beliefs about the true power of our industry. “Everything about network marketing is about personally getting better, becoming more and giving more. The more we grow, the more our business grows. We earn a living by being the best we can be and then help others do the same thing, all while sharing a product or service that people need and want.”

In March 2015, Loren co-created Women United for Change. It is a movement, led by women from across the network marketing / direct sales profession. We are strong believers in the power of entrepreneurship and in helping others transform their lives (especially women). The mission of this organization provides women in developing countries the training and support to create a business of their own.

Loren lives the truth, that through network marketing, we all can apply our inner strength and build the life of our dreams.

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