Michelle Fraser

Social Entrepreneur, World-Class Teacher, and Co-Founder of Women In The Black

Michelle Fraser is a Social Entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people (especially women) and making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world! She loves helping people to discover their three “P”s: 1) to find their PASSION, 2) to live out their PURPOSE, and 3) to translate it into PROSPERITY.

Michelle asserts that the only business where women can truly “have it all” is within the unique environment of Network Marketing. Her joy is being a part of the incredible personal transformation that always accompanies anyone’s journey toward building a successful Network Marketing business. She is driven to help entrepreneurs go beyond their perceived limitations and become empowered, and loves helping and supporting the growth of her teams and leaders throughout North America.

Michelle is also Co-Founder of Women In The Black (WITB) – a networking and empowerment group that encourages and inspires women through their online community, as well as their fabulous live events! WITB has created a platform for women to reach out to each other, make connections, learn, have fun, and serve their community.

Michelle's background was in the teaching profession – she was both a high school and middle school teacher. She retired from teaching when she had her first child.

Her love for children and her desire to make a difference eventually led to philanthropy. She co-founded a charity, Love For Children, and raised over $250,000.00 for Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Love For Children helped children and their families who were dealing with life-threatening illnesses. She and her husband and family are also committed supporters of the S.M. Wright organization, Emily’s Place, and many others.

In addition to her teaching career and philanthropy, Michelle is a gifted communicator and an experienced Sales and Marketing professional. After two seasons as a DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADER, she worked for the Dallas Cowboys in Sales and Marketing for 5 years.

Michelle Fraser has been a contributor to Networking Times, the premier print magazine of our profession. She has been featured on numerous live and virtual stages, on the radio and on video, including Sonia Stringer’s “Empowerment Event” and Savvy Network Marketing Women’s “The Recruiting Workshop for Women” live cast events and more.

Michelle’s first and most loved “career” is being wife to Jason and mom to Jace (15) and Jayden-Faith (11).

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